Udo Kier/Margita Haberland

Starring in the fiction
The next morning the Minister did not return to his Place of Work

The Ministry of Pleasure, formerly known as the Department of Economics, is worried about the continual increase of the NET-PlEASURE. The minister prepares aconference to pronounce the new doctrine, but before it begins he suddenly disappears. Regression, emigration, murdering? In the end he is back, but maybe only a copy of himself.
FunkeFilm Production on demand of ZDF
Festivals: Max Ophüls Price competion Saarbrücken, Femme Totale Dortmund, Feminale Köln, Filmer a tout prix Brüssel, Filmfestival Gent, Ales, Montecatini u.a.
Price: Alpinale Bludenz
Critics:...a masterpiece of actual film and art. I can´t remember any film that fascinated and enchanted me that way (E. Senf, Zitty Berlin)